Looking for a financial services recruitment consultant?

PRS can help you recruit the best talent for your business

How can a financial services recruitment consultant help you find the right talent?

As a leading specialist financial services recruitment agency in Bristol, PRS is the winning choice to help you recruit the best talent. The foundations of PRS have been built on many years of considerable experience within the financial services and banking sector. The impersonal, volume approach to candidate selection, used by many agencies can often lead to less than perfect candidate placements. To ensure the best candidate every time, PRS takes a different approach.

  Genuine partnerships

Working in a genuine partnership with clients and candidates, PRS takes the time to truly understand your business’s culture, its aspirations, your team structures and dynamics, your strengths and also what challenges you face. This investment in time is one way we differ from any other financial services recruitment consultants.

 Strong, lasting relationships

PRS builds close relationships with candidates to fully understand their needs. Only then can the best candidate be matched to the most suitable role. This ensures as a client you see only top quality candidates, saving you time and money. This also makes the recruitment process a quick and painless experience. No more wasting time with the wrong type of candidates. Leaving you with more time to get on with what you do best, running your business.

 Excellent support

Our interest and involvement doesn’t just start and stop with candidate selection. You can rely on PRS for support at any stage through the interview and selection process. To ensure everyone is happy, effective and communicating properly, PRS remains in close contact with you and with your new employee on the run-up to their start date and throughout the induction process.

Why contact PRS?

PRS has many years of experience and can help you with all aspects of financial services recruiting. If you need support at any stage of the interview and selection process, help is just a phone call away.

Once you talk to us you will begin to see why PRS is different and you will immediately understand why other banking and financial institutes trust PRS with their financial services recruitment.

Your first phone call to PRS, will hopefully be the start of a rewarding, long term partnership based on trust and understanding.

With PRS you will experience a high level of added value that is only possible with a deep understanding of your business that comes from long term established client relationships.

Efficient and dedicated

Laura has worked with the bank on a variety of roles for both our London and Bristol offices. We have always found her to be extremely efficient and dedicated and she manages to strike a great balance between client and candidate needs. We would happily recommend Laura's services.

Jeff Durant, Regional Director, Duncan Lawrie Private Bank.

A great benefit!

Laura has been a great benefit to me whilst I have been recruiting, I only wish I had been introduced to her earlier. She demonstrated sheer professionalism with vibrant optimism and a high level of energy and enthusiasm as well as an interest in my requirements and proved through the candidates that she introduced to me that she was passionate about making the right connections. Laura understands the market extremely well and the need t have a candidate with the appropriate behaviours alongside the knowledge. I am sure we will be working together very soon - already looking forward to it !

Katherine Rawlings, Head of Tax and Wealth Structuring Solutions.

Professional and reliable

I have used Laura’s services for recruiting the last 2 positions we had available and have been delighted with the results. Laura provided a professional, reliable service with an unrivalled enthusiasm as well as showing a real interest in my business and its future plans. Laura demonstrated she was passionate about what she does and through her experience and contacts in the financial services sector confirmed she understands the market extremely well. I look forward to working with Laura again very soon.

Simon Knowler, Direct Asset Finance.

Financial services consultancy: helping you build your business

PRS thrives on watching their clients business grow by using the high quality talent provided. This growth also shows that investing in quality talent acquisition is a must for any business.

As your business prospers, you may find you need the services of a financial services recruitment consultant on multiple occasions. If you are thinking about expanding your workforce, you may need further help with recruiting.

You may be experiencing a period of growth or perhaps you have lost staff due to disciplinary action. Perhaps you need to restructure your teams?

Whatever your reason, you can rely on PRS financial recruitment consulting services to help you out. PRS can advise you on role descriptions, salary benchmarking, employment packages and conditions and more.

Whether you are a financial services start-up or an established business, PRS can help you to frame and achieve your goals.
PRS will work with you to define or refine your propositions, help you explore your options and launch or enhance your business.

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