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Putting you back in control of your career

How can PRS help you find the best finance job that is right for your next career move?

You may be starting to feel unhappy or unfulfilled in your current role and are seeking to find out where or what else you could try. Maybe you feel you have lost control of your career? Or are you experiencing the frustration of a glass ceiling at work? Whatever your career frustrations, PRS can help you find the next move that is right for you. How?

  Working in partnership with you

From your first call or when you initially upload your CV, PRS will work hard to understand your past, present and future motivations.

 Bespoke matching

Our bespoke matching service ensures you will only be matched to the best finance jobs that suit your circumstances, personality and cultural preferences.

 Expert market knowledge

The expert knowledge PRS has gained in the financial recruitment industry allows us to explore financial roles and options you may not have considered or be aware of.

 You are the priority

Your needs come first, so you will never be persuaded to take a sub-optimal role and you’ll always, always, be in control.

 Support when you need it

When you take up a new position, PRS won't stop there. You will be able to give frequent feedback and voice any concerns. You can be confident knowing that PRS always has your best interests at heart and will not stop until you are 100% happy.

 Long term advisor

PRS will always be there for you, for this career move and the next.

PRS makes your job search easy

Searching for the best financial job to suit your next career move can be time-consuming and frustrating. With a specialist financial services recruitment agency that fully understands your needs and has extensive firsthand knowledge of the marketplace, it can be a stress free, enjoyable journey of discovery, opportunity and lasting fulfilment. This personal, consultative approach opens a whole new world of opportunity when you thought there may be none and paves the way for a brighter, more fulfilling career path.

CV writing

Your CV plays a crucial role in your career. It’s often the first tool a potential recruiter uses to select potential candidates at the start of the recruitment process.

It must help you stand out from the crowd, reflect your unique experience and knowledge, define your qualities and highlight your achievements in a way the recruiter can easily read, understand and absorb.

Yet it’s so very hard to write about yourself, isn’t it?!

Whether you need to review your CV for an internal opportunity or you’re preparing to explore external options, ask PRS for advice.

We offer a very personal, supportive approach to CV writing, helping you to define your qualities and the roles you are most suited to.

Simply call Laura on 07894905360 to get the ball rolling towards an impressive, memorable CV.

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